“I have had a business relationship with Robert for nearly 10 years. In that time I, as Robert’s account manager, have worked very closely with Robert for both grid-connect and off-grid systems. Robert has proven to be a very loyal customer and it is always a pleasure to work with him. Robert is always across the latest changes to installation guidelines, rebate structures and the latest standards for the sale and installation of renewable energy systems. Robert always impresses me in his depth of understanding of the wide breadth of different technology that is available for this market. In obtaining this knowledge over time Robert has settled on a very sound selection of quality products.

Central West Solar has also been a sub-contract installer for other solar retailers and the standard of installation is of the highest level. I use photos from these installations as examples of how a correctly and well-presented installation should look, shown to other installers. Robert’s strength as an electrical tradesman is his ability to work out solutions to a vast array of challenges that can faced in this market. I would highly recommend Central West Solar as a supplier and installer for any of your renewable energy requirements.”

Scott Young