“We had thought about solar power for a long time before recently making the commitment. The discussions with Central West Solar and the quote provided eventually made the decision easy. The hybrid system of mains, solar (4kW) and battery (500AH) that was chosen suits our needs ideally. It combines the benefits of solar and off-peak mains supply, and provides power reserves during mains outages for fridge and freezer as well as the household water pump.
Robert and his team were excellent with their booking of days for installation and the actual procedure was carried out professionally and courteously. Guidance for us to undertake fine tuning of the system via software is being provided.
It is expected that the versatility of the system will make possible substantial savings on mains electricity. In addition to direct savings, having the system in place provides the means to reduce mains usage even further by shifting our energy usage to off peak where possible as well as using stored power in the evenings.”

David and Wendy Pickering