Stand Alone (R.A.P.S) Pricing Guide


  • Premium grade Solar modules with 25 year performance guarantee + 10 years warranty
  • Roof or ground mounting solar frames clompliant to AS1170
  • Maximum power point tracking regulator (increased solar performance)
  • Pure sine wave combination inverter/battery charger
  • Automatic a.c transfer switch
  • Tubular plate Gel batteries manufactured in Germany
  • Battery temperature sensor for accurate charging
  • D.C safety disconnect switch / fuse combination
  • A.C / D.C circuit protection
  • Battery warning signage to meet A.S. 4509
  • Clean Energy Council Accredited design and installation
  • Licensed electrician
Approximate Loads

TV, Fridge/Freezer, Radio, Basic Lighting, Pressure Pump, Computer

plus symbol

Clothes Washer, Microwave, Small Kitchen Applicances

plus symbol

Power Tools, Dishwasher, Additional TV's, Entertainment

plus symbol

Small A/C, Home Office, small workshop

Assumes Gas Cooking and non electric heating and gas or solar hot water

Daily Energy Consumption 5 Kwh 10 Kwh 15 Kwh 20 Kwh  
Solar Array 1.5 Kw 3.0 Kw 4.2 Kw 6.0 Kw
Price Guide incl. Installation $15K $20K $30K $35K

These estimates include the discount available via the small scale RET legislation, click here for more information

Battery has been sized for 2 days autonomy and 30 % Daily Depth of discharge.
For approximately 5000 cycles

This table gives a guide to the ammount of energy you can consume on average with these Stand-alone solar power systems. All systems are designed to cater for your specific needs.

The addition of a generator can help during times prolonged cloud or to directly power larger loads. The costs of adding a generator have NOT been factored in to these estimates.