Hybrid Energy Centres

Selectronic SP PRO Series: The inverters that secure your home and business against blackouts.

Most of us take electricity for granted, but when the power is out, your world stops working. Keep the power on with the SP PRO series of inverters.

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SP PRO delivers seamless blackout protection

When a power cut occurs, the SP PRO inverter automatically switches to battery power. You won't even notice it's happened! When power is restored, the SP PRO switches back to mains power and recharges the batteries.

Keep using the sun during power outages

Many homes and businesses are taking advantage of solar power. For safety reasons, conventional grid-connect solar power systems must shut down during power cuts. They lose power even if the sun is shining. SP PRO inverters are different. They automatically disconnect from the grid during power outages so you can continue to use the sun to power your world.

Use it with or without the grid

SP PRO inverters can operate stand-alone, without the grid. Off-grid solar, wind or generator-powered systems all work seamlessly. If the grid becomes available in the future, you can connect with a simple flick of a switch.

Upgrading your current solar power system

You can replace your current inverter with an SP PRO and a battery bank and gain all the benefits of blackout protection. For grid-tie solar power system with Kaco inverters, no replacement is necessary - your Kaco inverter will work in perfect harmony with the SP PRO.

Make money from your excess power

When the batteries are fully charged, SP PRO instantly feeds all your excess power back into the grid. Depending on where you live, you may even be paid a premium price for this surplus power.

Recharge with free power

You can charge the backup batteries for free when you integrate SP PRO with a solar or wind power system, or set your SP PRO to recharge your batteries with cheap off-peak power from the grid. Gain even more control over your power bill by drawing on the batteries at peak times and recharging off-peak.

Manage and monitor your SP PRO remotely

See what your Energy Centre is up to from anywhere with SP LINK, our easy-to-use monitoring software.

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thumnail imageFor more information download SP PRO Grid Backup DC coupled.pdf