The Federal governments national solar schools programme is an exciting incentive that will allow all schools to use clean green energy from the sun.

Both Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water Systems are eligible for funding.Other energy saving technologies like low energy lighting, and skylights can also be supplied using the $50,000.00.
Under certain circumstances schools may also able to register the R.E.C.S created to their school and receive cashbacks.

Central West Solar is the ideal choice for assesing your schools suitability for SOLAR.We specialise in the design, supply and installation of renewable energy systems and are also Lighting consultants and retailers.
With over 10 years experience we are well qualified to offer your school the highest level of service and expertise before, during and after your installation

Demand for this program will be high so please contact us to organise an appointment to discuss how your school can benefit. For more information please click here.

Looking forward to meeting you
- Robert Biviano