Commercial Solar

Put Your Roof to Work!
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Why does Solar PV make good business sense?

When your business is in full swing, the sun is working just as hard. An installation on your commercial roof can produce electricity when you need it most - during the day.

It makes economic sense:

  • Become independent of utilities and reduce your electricity bill to zero
  • Put your roof to work and use it as an investment
  • Minimize your carbon tax exposure by reducing your CO2 emissions

It makes environmental sense:

  • Do your bit to preserve our unique flora and fauna
  • Get ready to comply with environmental standards such as ISO14001

It makes sense for your local community:

  • Lead the way ahead of your competitors
  • Promote your sustainable business to your customers

Epho logoCentral West Solar was proud to be chosen as the Epho Representative for the Central West, this gives our local business community the benefit of highly developed engineering and financial modelling, combined with local installation and after sales service.

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Who is Central West Solar

We understand your local needs. Based in Orange, we have provided a highly professional service for the past 7 years.

With our extensive experience in planning and installing grid connected and standalone solar systems of all sizes, your investment will be in highly capable hands.